Hwange is the leading coal producer in Zimbabwe and supplies the nation’s requirements including low phosphorus coal and coke.The largest coal consumer, Hwange Power Station, is situated adjacent to the mine and currently takes about 180 000 tones per month of HPS coal which is delivered to the Power Station as an opencast run-of-mine product from upper portion of the coal seam.

Higher quality coal from the lower portion of the seam is sold after processing through local distributors for use in Agriculture, Mines, Industry, Homes as well as three smaller Thermal Power Stations in Bulawayo, Harare and Munyati.

The second largest customer is the Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Company at Redcliff near Kwe Kwe which buys washed coking coal for its own coke ovens. Transport to its Plant at Redcliffs is by liner train designed specifically for this purpose. The largest coke sales are to the ferochrome industry at Zimbabwe Alloys and ZIMASCO. Export sales are also made to the chrome industry in South Africa, Zambia, DRC and Malawi.

By-products from Cokeworks are a useful contribution to the economy by way of import substitution. These are crude tar and crude benzol which are further refined at Zimchem Refineries in Redcliff to produce road tar, creosote, benzene toluene and other chemicals.

A tar based product is also blended for use as the fuel additive to manufacture MBM explosive at the Opencast Mine. Excess coke oven gas from the Cokeworks is sold to the Hwange Power Station as a substitute for diesel.