To be Number One in coal mining and production of coal related products at the least cost in the region.

To provide competitive coal and coal related solutions to our customers using modern and efficient production

HCCL’s strategic intent seeks to maximise the value of current operations and opportunities down the value chain,
execute growth projects with the potential of becoming a 12Mtpa coal and coke supplier by 2021 while being a
company that cares for its people, communities and the environment it operates in.
It will be critical for the company to focus on the more lucrative export and seaborne markets as well as shift the
balance from HPS to higher value products such as coking coal and coke. This will serve to maintain real shareholder
value over time but also mitigate risk through geographical diversification.

Our chosen strategy out of various available options (i.e Growth, Consolidation, Stability and Decline) is a Growth
strategy. The Corporate Directional Growth Strategy is underpinned by the pursuance of a market penetration and
cost leadership strategy at business level. The growth will be realised through volumes, value and profitability.

Our core values define who we are, lead us, direct us, guide us, strengthen us and sets us apart from the competition.
They govern the manner in which we do business and will not be compromised as we seek greater profitability. Hence these values form the basis for the enduring positive growth of our company. We value the following;
The safety of our employees is top priority and pivotal to our success. We ensure employees understand the
Company’s Safety credo and practise safe working practices. We continually provide employees with adequate safety
equipment and knowledge in order for them to work safely.
We believe innovation is key for business growth, survival and excellence. We value individuals that innovate, hence,
we are open to ideas that challenge the norm and drive innovation.
We recognise efficiency as vital to our business hence we strive to achieve the highest levels of efficiency at all times
and at all levels of the business. Therefore, we strive to manage resources while delivering at appropriate costs,
speed and quality.
We have a rich mix of interrelated competencies from which we derive our competitive advantage, which also forms
the future development of our company. Hence, we ensure we have the right people with the right skills in the right
jobs doing the right things.
Team Work
We value teamwork and the synergies that come from the ability to work together efficiently and effectively for a
common purpose.
We value the quick translation of strategic and operational decisions into action. We effectively link our goals, people,and work processes while following through and ensuring accountability.