Social Responsibility


Hwange Colliery has a strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) background that dates back to the 1890s, substantially contributing to community empowerment. The activities range from health and safety, environmental issues, education, empowerment programs, community leadership through to sports. The major highlight in Sport, being sponsorship of the popular Hwange Football club. The Company also participates and contributes positively in key countrywide activities and events that promote national development.
HWANGE values community engagements in its approach to CSR and holds liaison meetings with Chiefs on a quarterly basis in order to enable community leaders to take the lead in defining CSR initiatives that responds to their priorities.

Watering points have been established along the 48 km pipeline that brings water from the Zambezi River to the Company’s operations in Hwange, providing access to potable water to thousands of villagers along the route. Boreholes have also been drilled for communities living along the Deka River to provide them with an alternative source of clean drinking water.

As a mining and company town, the company values health issues of employees, dependents and community at large.

The HCCL Fire and Rescue team carries out RTA assistance in Hwange District and Matabeleland North Province at large. Swift and quick response by the Medical Service team in all road accidents despite the location and area is commendable.

Hwange Colliery Company through its Medical Services Division conducts periodic outreaches in Hwange District to offer free Medical Services to the communities around the mine. These range from dental, community nursing, physiotherapy, pharmacy, nursing services, opportunistic infections and other health services. Latest beneficiaries of the exercises are communities of Kasibo, Matetsi, Chibhala and Kandebwe.

The Colliery Company has established HIV/AIDS workplace and community programmes to have an impact on awareness, personal accountability and wellbeing. These campaigns are being run by the company’s hospital have continued to raise the level of awareness on good, moral and safe behaviour for both employees and Hwange community. In recognition of our health CSR activities the organisation has won a number of awards such as the Auxilia Chimusoro Award for the best workplace HIV programmes.

The exercise is coordinated by the company’s Medical Services Division.

Education is one of our critical areas of participation in our quest to improve the academic excellence of our people. We actively participate in the construction and refurbishment of several primary and secondary schools around Hwange. Donations are made in cash and kind to support a number of activities in schools. By investing in education we are investing in the future generation.

Graduate Learners – The Company trains Graduate Learners from the fields of Mining Engineering, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Geology, Supply Chain, Marketing, Corporate Affairs, Human Resources, Finance and Accounting among others.

The Company also trains Registered Nurses, apprentices and Student Attaches.

Besides the services and facilities provided for the urban community Hwange Colliery is also conscious of its responsibility to people living in the surrounding communal lands. The organisation strives to help communities in the area in which it operates in.

Chief’s homesteads have been constructed, renovated and upgraded to provide decent accommodation to community leaders.

Watering points have been established along the 48km pipeline that brings water from the Zambezi River to the company’s operation in Hwange providing access to potable water to thousands of villages along the route.

Our Supplier program has a strong bias towards competent local entrepreneurs in some areas of the business and contracts are awarded on the basis of most cost competitive and quality compliant offers. Local companies that have the skills and financial capabilities are hired to supply and maintain some of the equipment.

Hwange Colliery is committed to the protection of the environment. The company is committed to principle of integrated environmental management and continues to invest time and funds on striving for greater harmony between its operations and ecologically sensitive environment.

The Colliery’s Exploration and Technical Services Department continues to give high priority to environmental management as an ongoing process.

Over 40 hectares of opencast mined areas have been rehabilitated to almost their original state since inception of this programme.

The Colliery seeks among other things to invest and partner with local communities in fostering a long lasting legacy for the populace in which it has its operations at district, provincial and national level.

Local communities and schools are benefiting financially from the Company’s rehabilitation programme at the Opencast Mine. The Company buys indigenous trees and grass from the community thus allowing the families to earn extra income, while schools can raise their own development funds.

The safety of employees is top priority and pivotal to the company’s success and the Company ensures that all employees observe Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) standards in their areas of operation.

Hwange Colliery is focused on people and employee satisfaction. In order to attract and keep staff, the company has to maintain high standards of housing, health, shopping, schooling and recreational facilities. Accommodation is built closer to mine shafts to reduce travelling distances to work.

Hwange Colliery Company plays a critical role in National Events such as Independence Celebrations, Heroes, Defence Forces Day and Unity Day celebrations. The special events foster unity in the country of Zimbabwe and the company strives to be a part of knitting a unified social fabric through donations and logistical support towards successful hosting.

The Colliery holds a commemoration service to honour the 427 miners who perished in 1972 at the Colliery’s Kamandama Mine Disaster. A Golf Tournament is held before the commemorations to raise funds towards the cause.

Hwange Colliery endeavours to make its corporate social responsibility and philanthropic activities deeply connected to the Company’s core values.