Involvement and joint commitment of management and staff has resulted in the development of work policies and procedures, as well as first aid, rescue and safety training to create a safe working environment.

Sub-committees of the main SHE committee, made up of a cross section of employees from workers and management, have been formed throughout the Colliery to encourage worker participation in such matters that affect them on daily basis.

Employees are motivated through section and interdepartmental safety competitions based on accident frequency and severity rates.


The company administers a hospital and associated health services. A modern well-equipped hospital complex provides medical care for employees, their dependants, Hwange residents and members of the rural community up to a distance of 150km from the town.

The hospital has five doctors, 325 beds, two operating theatres and all other equipment that is required in a modern hospital.

Nurses and midwives are trained in excess of the hospital’s needs contributing to the nation’s requirement for medical staff.

The Health services are responsible for programs such as malaria prevention, HIV/AIDS awareness, personal hygiene and employee health monitoring.Lubancho is run by a non-governmental organization and a Christian Centre involved with HIV/AIDS issues and complements the Company’s health care services by providing assistance to AIDS orphans, needy children and terminally ill patients in the Hwange area.. It also runs a home-based care programme, a counseling service specifically aimed at supporting those families who are looking after orphans. Hwange Colliery fully supports this community service.